About Us


ALFATRON is an Algerian Economic Public Company subsidiary of the group ELEC EL DJAZAIR.  The head office is located in the industrial area of ​​Hassi Ameur, in the wilaya of Oran. 

Corporate name: ALFATRON Electronic Industries

Share capital: 297,180,000.00 DA

Shareholders: ELEC EL DJAZAIR SPA: 100%

Factory location : City: Oran (2nd city in Algeria), 10 km from the international airport of Oran, 20 km from the port of Oran, Plot: 25,000 m2, Built area: 5,000 m2, Production block: 4.000 m2, Production capacity: 100,000 Unit / year (01 team).


Conception/développement, production, expédition et commercialisation de produits informatiques (micro-ordinateurs.) et de services associes (intégration dans les réseaux, assistance technique, maintenance…)


ALFATRON's main missions are to design, produce and market high-performance and scalable IT systems. In order to offer complete solutions that meet the most demanding expectations of its customers, ALFATRON completes its range of microcomputers with numerous services, including maintenance, technical assistance and integration of computer networks.


ALFATRON favors the quality and the performance of its products by adopting a rigorous technological choice and perfectly adapted for the composition of its microcomputers.

Since the launch of its production, ALFATRON has always worked to meet all the necessary conditions so that the user can obtain tailor-made solutions, reliable, high-tech, and perfectly matching his needs and requirements. QUALITY: Knowing that the quality of our finished products firstly depends on the quality of the components we use, the starting point of our "quality" approach is rigorous supplier certification. Our commitment then continues internally through the selection of qualified assembly line personnel, and the implementation of rigorous quality assurance procedures for all the computers produced by the company.

MADE-TO-MEASURE CONFIGURATION: Thanks to a modern and flexible production tool, ALFATRON offers the user a very wide range of microcomputers that can be configured and customized at the factory according to his needs and delivered ready for immediate use.

FAST-INTEGRATED INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY: The close partnership relationships developed with IT leaders, including Intel® and Microsoft®, as well as the company's design and manufacturing processes, enable us to quickly introduce the latest technologies. in our products in order to give our customers, in a relatively short time, the benefits of the latest innovations in the field.


Our factory installed in the Industrial Zone of the city of Oran; second port of Algeria; spread over a plot of 25,000 square meters, of which 5,000 square meters; covered (production building, offices and utilities).

The production building is spread over an area of ​​4,000 square meters, of which 2,000 square meters; are intended for storage areas and 2,000 m⊃2; for production lines.

The plant was designed to produce 50,000 units per year in one team. Our assembly line supports the production of large volumes of microcomputers, and easily adapts to specific market demands.